Nationally Syndicated radio talk show host Sean Hannity, continued his commitment of the “Stop Obama Express“, by providing a forum for Pastor James David Manning, of ATLAH World Ministries, to launch yet another unsubstantiated and slanderous attack against U.S. Presidential candidate Senator Obama (D-IL). The most recent allegation leveled against the candidate [Obama] is the claim of a “Homosexual Relationship” between he and his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright, as an explanation of the Senator’s unwillingness to more readily “Disown” the Pastor upon learning about the hate-filled rhetoric of his [Pastor Wright’s] many sermons.

Although the Conservative Talk Show host [Sean Hannity] had previously reviewed the You Tube posting, detailing Pastor James D. Manning’s unsubstantiated allegations, The Sean Hannity Show advanced the Pastor’s appearance with an invitation to repeat his claim for the show’s several million listeners. Upon giving Pastor James D. Manning ample time to repeat his claim throughout the appearance, Sean Hannity then challenged the Pastor to present proof to support his claim, which Pastor James D. Manning refused to do “at this time”.

The Sean Hannity Show has repeatedly provided a forum for persons who support the host’s Stop Obama Express” campaign, without requisite substantiation, only later informing the guest that such slanderous remarks should be better considered. To date, Sean Hannity has refused to “Denounce” Conservative Religious Leaders who’ve blamed Americans for the murderous act of 9-11 and the victims of hurricane Katrina, yet continues his praise for these leaders (Graham, Falwell & Hagee), as What I Learned This Week has noted in previous postings (Repudiation 2.0).


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