Energy Independence is a misnomer…

… as we cannot truly establish independence from foreign Oil Suppliers even if we explored and leveraged Coastal sources and Proven Reserves. *** Important Note *** OIL COMPANIES ARE NOT THE ENEMY. THEY ARE LEGITIMATE PROVIDERS OF A PRODUCT AT A REASONABLE PRICE.

The facts are

Exploring, Drilling and Refining the 25 – 30 billion barrels of Oil Reserves: Reported Reserves are sufficient to maintain our current Daily Consumption for a little more than 4 years (20 mb/day). Proponents of depleting what is effectively America’s safety-net against the whims the Saudi Arabia and leading exporters is not a sound strategy. The loud and repetitive refrain of Conservatives to “Domestically Explore, Drill & Refine” our way out of a dependency of foreign oil seems to lose its voice when the simple question, “Then What?”, is tabled. The response is the tried & true approach of Light Reasoning, Weighted Hubris, & Nurturing a Hatred of a Perceived Enemy which typically follows this course:

We’re Americans. As such, our ideal principles of limited government and the free market have & will respond to the needs of the people. It is The Liberal who will try to convince you that Big Government must come in and save the day with regulations and more taxes. No. What we need is less government, more exploration, more domestic refineries, more jobs for good Americans and getting the government the hell out of the way”.

This argument is built upon the premise that Oil Companies will act in the best interest of the consumer through the innovation of alternative means of fuel, whereby American consumers will cease to use and be dependent on the product sold…. Ridiculous. What would compel any company to advance towards its demise.

The US currently relies upon almost 500,000 Oil Wells to produce approximately 8 mb/day, satisfying almost 40% if our daily consumption. If we were to bring on-line, today, enough platforms to extract the estimated 25 – 30B barrels we would only begin a steady walk towards depleting THE ONLY safety-net we have.

Let’s assume that we brought our production levels (of oil) back up to almost 9 mb/day, lessening our dependence on OPEC sources, the net result would likely be a decrease in OPEC production and a subsequent increase in the market price, enough so to offset the benefit of more domestic production.

The US Currently Refines more than 90% of the approximate 20 Million Barrels/Day Consumed. That’s approximately 17 mb/day, a deficit of almost 3 mb/day. Oil Companies seldom lobby hard for increased refineries as the Federal Government routinely produces data demonstrating no dire need for more refineries. While more refineries will mean more jobs for US workers, a definite benefit, the increased cost of these Higher Paid workers (compared to foreign workers) will result in slightly higher Gas prices.

The best alternative for the US is to leverage a Renewable Fuel Source that can be produced within our borders. Accomplishing what may be one of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history will require more than Federal Government heavy-handiness and Capitalism Inspired Competitiveness, as the Survival of our Economy, National Security and Ability to Remain The Global Leader of Freedom are dependent upon such a solution to this decades old dilemma. Our Federal Government must, as is the premise of our Constitution, but contrary in practice, demonstrate absolute prejudice against obstacle that stands before the advancement of our solution, respecting only liberty and freedom. The Federal Government must not, under any circumstance, assume the position of representing The People in this endeavor, establishing a preference for or against a particular solution until accepted by The People.

We must compel Our Government to formally recognize our circumstance and to most importantly adopt a strategy to identify Fuel Alternatives, not Alternative Sources of Non Renewable Fuels.

Source: Energy Information Administration – EIA: Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government, Basic Petroleum Statistics


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O\'Reilly Meltdown McCain Talks w/Hamas

…..O’Reilly Meltdown ………….Matthews vs James ……..McCain Talks w/ Hamas



Repudiation 2.0

May 10, 2008

It’s quite obvious to me, that America has now been given a new standard for Repudiation, previously known as Denouncement and Disowning. The New Repudiation, very much like the New Math, is a convention recognized when forced to compare the two standards, and as usual, is the burden of those whose must adapt.

There are many to whom we must give thanks for Repudiation 2.0, and ironically enough, are proudly identified as Conservatives, who knew. After exposure to the daily rant of professed Christian Conservatives, who proudly claim that the ability to malign, slander and judge is a blessing by God, we have deciphered what we believe to be the Repudiation 2.0 definition:

re-pu-di-a-tion 2.0: noun, 1. the act of refusing to establish or maintain an association with. [expected of everyone, except Conservatives]

Billy Graham & Jerry Falwell have shared with Americans, the great blessings of God’s power, wisdom, and love, throughout the many decades that they’ve served as leaders of their respective churches. Each of these men have dedicated much of their lives leading programs that have fed the poor,cared for the sick, and prayed with those whose faith had been shaken by tragedy. To their credit, they’ve managed to maintain a healthy relationship with spouses, children and grandchildren, while their ministries required travel throughout the world… A portrait of service shared by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

DISCLAIMER: Reverend Jeremiah Wright is Racists. [Clearly evidenced by his statements]

Most African Americans would likely acknowledge the fact that Reverend Wright’s statements are racists, given that most African Americans would be outraged by similar statements from, shall we say, non African Americans. What makes this pill so difficult to ingest is the application of Repudiation 2.0, whereby an African American, specifically, Senator Barack Obama, is being called to disown Reverend Wright, because of his professed, and often poorly reasoned, opinions of Americans, both Black & White. As I said, most African Americans would likely acknowledge the fact that Reverend Wright’s statements are racists, however, Conservatives’ application of Repudiation 2.0 is, in a word, Unacceptable

Billy Graham was recorded [noted quoted, but recorded], while conversing with former US President Richard Nixon and with whom he shared a very close relationship, noting his obvious disdain & distrust of Jewish people:

Graham: “I go and see friends of Mr. Rosenthal at The New York Times, and people of that sort. And, I don’t mean all the Jews, but a lot of the Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me, because they know I am friendly to Israel and so forth. They don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.

Nixon: “You know, it was good we got this point about the Jews across…The Jews are [an] irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards.

Sean Hannity and other notable Conservatives, after having adopted the tactic of plausible deniability, have refused to acknowledge the existence of this recording [as noted in the video below] and thus aren’t obligated to Repudiate Billy Graham and other renowned religious leaders who’ve made comparable statements against America:

Jerry Falwell:I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way — all of them who have tried to secularize America — I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'” –on the 9/11 attacks

John Hagee: “So I believe that the judgment of God is a very real thing. I know there are people who demur from that, but I believe that the Bible teaches that when you violate the law of God, that God brings punishment sometimes before the Day of Judgment, and I believe that the Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans

If Americans are going to asked to account for their relationships [ties] with religious leaders, then we must ensure that this standard is equally applied. It is unfortunate, however, not ironic, that those who loudly profess the love of God, Country and Man, coward under the weight of their hypocrisy, and arrogantly structure alternate and more palpable standards for themselves…Repudiation 2.0.


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O\'Reilly Meltdown McCain Talks w/Hamas

…..O’Reilly Meltdown ………….Matthews vs James ……..McCain Talks w/ Hamas


Operation Chaos II

May 10, 2008

Corruption of the Democratic Primary process is now chic, as proven by Conservatives, and encouraged by Rush Limbaugh, who believe that a protracted Democratic Primary season will ultimately serve Republicans well. The reasoning offered to support this strategy, as we have been given, is that a “Bloodied Up” Obama & Clinton will be the result of revealed faults and short-comings.

Operation Chaos participants have proudly claimed, as accounted on Talk Radio and Internet Blogs, have taken to registering as Democrats in established Open Primaries (state provisions that empower the electorate to vote without respect of party in the candidate election process – primaries) and supporting Sen Clinton with the hope that neither Sen Clinton nor Sen Obama will emerge as the victor until the Democratic National Convention in August. The anticipated, and hopeful, result of this effort is that both Democratic Candidates will sufficiently flog the other and subsequently prove themselves unelectable.

Conservative Pride

Conservatives, as we have been told, are guided by a concept of morality and values that extend throughout all endeavors, political aspirations, social and personal responsibility. Democrats & Liberals, as we have been told, are guided purely by a desire for power, at the expense of morality & values. The former, as it appears, no longer applies. The justification for Operation Chaos, as we have been able to determine, has been the same Moral Relativism despised by Conservatives, that being… “They do it too.”…Accepted.

That said, Democrats are left with but a few options, as we have been able to determine. Any argument or dialog that denounces the strategy of Operation Chaos will likely result in Democrats being further defined as “Weak” and “Whining”, an option obviously explored far too often. Democrats have spoken of Operation Chaos in low tones, on Talk Radio and Internet Blogs, denouncing its effect, rather real or perceived. What matters most is not its effectiveness, as touted by Conservatives, but how to leverage the net result, Media coverage.

In their quest to maintain a stage for the Democratic Presidential candidates to “bloody” the other, Conservatives have given the Media a greater call to explore the nuances of the Democratic campaign, thus, broader coverage. Democrats can realistically benefit from Operation Chaos by continuing a soft-ball approach to differentiation during the next several weeks, conduct themselves civilly, and shape the dialog, as Sen McCain takes a back seat….. Operation Chaos II

Operation Chaos II may be the Saving Grace that both Sen Clinton & Obama need to further articulate their positions on issues that have been tracked as being the most important to all Americans. Consider it Political Crisis Management, Operation Chaos II may very well be the best approach to campaigning for Democrats nationally.

What I Learned This Week, Admin, | April 22nd, 2008, | Washington, DC

Sen. Obama’s message of Hope & Change, while inspiring to many, is built upon the premise that “something must require change”, and when presented with this conclusion his challenge is greater than convincing Americans that he is the candidate who can yield change, he must first learn who we are, then convince us of where we should be.

Sen. Obama appears to have been overtaken with the success experienced during the last twelve plus months and a Press fascinated by his appeal. Although an accomplished short-term Senator, the U.S. Presidential candidate has relied upon what worked best, delivering one-hell-of-a-speech, looking Presidential (whatever that means), and avoiding the pitfalls of policy specifics… Job well done Sen Obama.

Although effective, obviously so, this approach can only be maintained if the candidate conforms with the American Ideal, obviously not. The textbook approach to marketing Change is to Acknowledge Our Greatness, Articulate What Our Greatness Deserves and Aim for Higher Greatness.

Sen Obama, although articulate, has not proven himself a skillful enough politician to follow these old rules, as he began and remains at step three [Aim for Higher Greatness]. While his base will always be inspired with the goals of Greatness, those who must be persuaded, republicans whose Nationalism must be acknowledged, may not accept the premise that their country must be Changed.