What I Learned This Week, Admin, | April 22nd, 2008, | Washington, DC

Sen. Obama’s message of Hope & Change, while inspiring to many, is built upon the premise that “something must require change”, and when presented with this conclusion his challenge is greater than convincing Americans that he is the candidate who can yield change, he must first learn who we are, then convince us of where we should be.

Sen. Obama appears to have been overtaken with the success experienced during the last twelve plus months and a Press fascinated by his appeal. Although an accomplished short-term Senator, the U.S. Presidential candidate has relied upon what worked best, delivering one-hell-of-a-speech, looking Presidential (whatever that means), and avoiding the pitfalls of policy specifics… Job well done Sen Obama.

Although effective, obviously so, this approach can only be maintained if the candidate conforms with the American Ideal, obviously not. The textbook approach to marketing Change is to Acknowledge Our Greatness, Articulate What Our Greatness Deserves and Aim for Higher Greatness.

Sen Obama, although articulate, has not proven himself a skillful enough politician to follow these old rules, as he began and remains at step three [Aim for Higher Greatness]. While his base will always be inspired with the goals of Greatness, those who must be persuaded, republicans whose Nationalism must be acknowledged, may not accept the premise that their country must be Changed.


7 Responses to “Obama’s Dilemma”

  1. latimeswtr Says:

    It is said that some forty-five (45%) of the American Voting Populus, on each side of the ideological Isle, have firmly determined which of the Presidential candidates will receive their vote. Without debating this notion, or focusing on the exact percentage (“bloggers please focus”), we are left with more than a year of what may only be described as appeals to our lessor selves.

  2. latimeswtr Says:

    Obama’ Dilemma

    The one thing that has been made perfectly clear is that this candidacy is shared by too many and too few.

  3. latimeswtr Says:

    Obama’s Dilemma

    I must wonder how long Conservatives and Media will rely upon their fascination of Wright until they begin to address the issues.

  4. jrobinsonmd Says:

    Obama’s Dilemma

    It is possible that the American Voters tire of the attacks and demand substance….

  5. uptohere Says:

    Obama’s Dilemma

    The Rev Wrights of America are many, born and nurtured in an era where Black Men were told to accept their inferiority and inherent wretchedness. The result is but three possible scenarios, disdain, forgiveness, or both… Rev Wright has clearly adopted the latter.

    The moral assessment of Wright’s view of his country IS valid, however, to judge his position without consider all facts is self-serving and expected of those who have the luxury of washing their hands of the past without carrying its weight. It is morally corrupt and the epitome of arrogance to believe that a nations sins have no consequence. It is equally corrupt to expect, a generation later, in a modernized and free society, that the Rev Wrights (Faith Leaders) should not progress, without disdain, beyond the wrongs suffered.

  6. punditspeak Says:

    Obama’ Dilemma

    There is nothing that Sen. Obama could say to temper Conservatives.

  7. uptohere Says:

    Obama’s Dilemma


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