McCain: Islam. “…False Religion Destroyed.”

May 16, 2008

“SPIRITUAL GUIDE” to Senator John McCain…,

…Reverend Rod Parsley, has recently revealed what may be Their Shared position against more 1 billion Muslims globally.

As Conservative pundits Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh & Michael Savage have established during the last several weeks, the professed Values of a politician and their “Spiritual Guide” are inextricably linked, Senator McCain must now address why he has chosen to seek the support of and align himself with a professed follower of God’s word who believes that the religion of 1 billion Muslims must be destroyed.

  • Is this yet another controversial Christian Religious Leader from whom Senator McCain has sought support for his US Presidential bid? Yes.
  • Have these Christian Religious Leaders blamed Americans for the deaths of those murdered on September 11, 2001? Yes.
  • Have these Christian Religious Leaders blamed Americans for the deaths of those killed by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina? Yes.
  • Should Senator McCain, who has established Reverend Rod Parsley as his Spiritual Guide” and thus shares a significant common value system, be accountable for the Reverend’s “generational call to arms” against Islam? No.

Democrats and Liberals will attempt to draw parallels between Senator John McCain’s relationship with Reverend Rod Parsley and Senator Obama’s long-term relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, clearly noting that both men maintain a venomous hatred for many Americans, unfortunately, the art of “Turn-About” is seldom effective against leaders of Mega Churches. As What I Learned This Week has noted in previous postings, Americans have suffered the wrath, insult and hatred of Religious Leaders for decades, yet are embraced and praised by the most lauded Conservative Christians nationally. When these Religious Leaders & Conservative pundits blame Americans for the deaths of their brothers & sisters, no call for rebuke is acknowledged and to suggest that such comments are hateful and divisive is an act that reveals one’s Anti-Christian nature. A certain dilemma for Democrats & Liberals evidenced by the fragile moral bridge upon which constituents have supported the practice of Abortion.

Republicans and Conservatives would benefit best, although less by popular opinion, and more by moral integrity, to stop appealing to Religious Leaders who openly assert America’s combined religious & military dominance and a Christian obligation to destroy “False Religions” (a’ la Radical Islam). It is America’s tacit acceptance of this claim and the maligning of God’s inspired Word that encourages these Religious Leaders to continue their steady march towards what they’ve defined as an eventual “Spiritual War“.

Conservative “New Media” will, in the most self-serving and destructive manner, continue to highlight the moral challenges of Religions, Religious Leaders and respective Church Members who do not share the same Christian obligation espoused these Religious Leaders [Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Rod Parsley etc], while embracing a Right to Dominance never shared by God.


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