Declaration of Energy Independence

May 11, 2008

Energy Independence is a misnomer…

… as we cannot truly establish independence from foreign Oil Suppliers even if we explored and leveraged Coastal sources and Proven Reserves. *** Important Note *** OIL COMPANIES ARE NOT THE ENEMY. THEY ARE LEGITIMATE PROVIDERS OF A PRODUCT AT A REASONABLE PRICE.

The facts are

Exploring, Drilling and Refining the 25 – 30 billion barrels of Oil Reserves: Reported Reserves are sufficient to maintain our current Daily Consumption for a little more than 4 years (20 mb/day). Proponents of depleting what is effectively America’s safety-net against the whims the Saudi Arabia and leading exporters is not a sound strategy. The loud and repetitive refrain of Conservatives to “Domestically Explore, Drill & Refine” our way out of a dependency of foreign oil seems to lose its voice when the simple question, “Then What?”, is tabled. The response is the tried & true approach of Light Reasoning, Weighted Hubris, & Nurturing a Hatred of a Perceived Enemy which typically follows this course:

We’re Americans. As such, our ideal principles of limited government and the free market have & will respond to the needs of the people. It is The Liberal who will try to convince you that Big Government must come in and save the day with regulations and more taxes. No. What we need is less government, more exploration, more domestic refineries, more jobs for good Americans and getting the government the hell out of the way”.

This argument is built upon the premise that Oil Companies will act in the best interest of the consumer through the innovation of alternative means of fuel, whereby American consumers will cease to use and be dependent on the product sold…. Ridiculous. What would compel any company to advance towards its demise.

The US currently relies upon almost 500,000 Oil Wells to produce approximately 8 mb/day, satisfying almost 40% if our daily consumption. If we were to bring on-line, today, enough platforms to extract the estimated 25 – 30B barrels we would only begin a steady walk towards depleting THE ONLY safety-net we have.

Let’s assume that we brought our production levels (of oil) back up to almost 9 mb/day, lessening our dependence on OPEC sources, the net result would likely be a decrease in OPEC production and a subsequent increase in the market price, enough so to offset the benefit of more domestic production.

The US Currently Refines more than 90% of the approximate 20 Million Barrels/Day Consumed. That’s approximately 17 mb/day, a deficit of almost 3 mb/day. Oil Companies seldom lobby hard for increased refineries as the Federal Government routinely produces data demonstrating no dire need for more refineries. While more refineries will mean more jobs for US workers, a definite benefit, the increased cost of these Higher Paid workers (compared to foreign workers) will result in slightly higher Gas prices.

The best alternative for the US is to leverage a Renewable Fuel Source that can be produced within our borders. Accomplishing what may be one of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history will require more than Federal Government heavy-handiness and Capitalism Inspired Competitiveness, as the Survival of our Economy, National Security and Ability to Remain The Global Leader of Freedom are dependent upon such a solution to this decades old dilemma. Our Federal Government must, as is the premise of our Constitution, but contrary in practice, demonstrate absolute prejudice against obstacle that stands before the advancement of our solution, respecting only liberty and freedom. The Federal Government must not, under any circumstance, assume the position of representing The People in this endeavor, establishing a preference for or against a particular solution until accepted by The People.

We must compel Our Government to formally recognize our circumstance and to most importantly adopt a strategy to identify Fuel Alternatives, not Alternative Sources of Non Renewable Fuels.

Source: Energy Information Administration – EIA: Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government, Basic Petroleum Statistics


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